Divison of Active Volcanoes

Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration
Yard No.1, Hua Yan Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Postcode: 100029

Telephone: +86-010-62009001
Telefax: +86-010-62009001
Director: Xu Jiandong 


Observatory contact: Pan Yulin
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Volcanic geology group:
Xu Jiandong (team leader)
Pan Bo
Zhao Bo
Wei Haiquan
Volcanic geochemistry group:
Li Ni (team leader)
Zhao Yongwei
Sui Jianli
Sun Qain
Laboratories: Physical laboratory of volcanoes; petrology laboratory; microstructure laboratory; volcanic dynamics laboratory; volcanic gases & geochemistry laboratory; volcanic monitoring data analysis center.
Division of Active Volcanoes is an academic institution for studies on active volcanoes. Based on Research Center of Active Volcanoes of China Earthquake Administration and the National Field Scientific Observation and Research Station on the volcano at the Changbaishan Mountains in Jilin Province, this division conducts studies on the distribution, scale, eruption history, contributing factors, volcanic resources and calamity, etc of active volcanoes in the Chinese mainland upon the modern volcanology and multidisciplinary integration, including tectonics, chronology, geochemistry and geophysics. The purpose is to explore tectonic structure and dynamics of volcanic activity, so as to provide technical support for the monitoring and study of active volcanoes in the Chinese mainland, the prediction of volcanic eruption and reduction of volcanic disasters.

(was 1003-01)
Heilongjiang Wudalianchi Volcanic Monitoring Observatory
Wudalianchi, Heihe, Heilongjiang
Post Code 164500

Telephone : (86)1-8215977
Telefax : (86)1-8210995
Telex : (085) 222351 SSB CN
Director: Mr. Pan Yulin
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Deputy Director:
 Mr. Lu Zongwen

The Heilongjiang Wudalianchi Volcanic Monitoring Observatory was established on June 30, 1958 on the basis of Dedu Seismic Station with the approval of the State Seismological Bureau of China and the Heilongjiang Provincial Government. It is the initial research base for volcanological research in the country. The observatory shoulders dual tasks. One is to monitor and predict earthquakes in the Wudalianchi Volcanic Zone, and the other is to study volcanic activities in the whole country, relation between volcanic activity and earthquakes, volcanic hazards and countermeasures and utilization of volcanic resources.

There are 24 staff members working at the observatory, including 1 senior scientist and 6 middle-ranked.

The observatory consists of 7 parts:

1. Geomagnetic station

Located in the plain area about 7 km from Dedu County, there are 4 people working at the station. It is also known as the Dedu Geomagnetism Station.

2. Earthquake monitoring station

There are 5 personnel working at the station, located in Yaoguan Volcano Mountain in Wudalianchi City, which erupted more than 200 000 years ago. The station is ranked Class II by the State Seismological Bureau.

3. Hydrochemical observation station

The station, which is in the Wudalianchi City, has a staff of 3 people. The major activity is to conduct studies on prediction methods by hydro-chemistry and groundwater variation analysis.

4. Volcano geology research division

The division consists of 3 people with the volcanic monitoring as its main stay.

5. Administrative department

It has a staff of 3 people.

6. The Wudalianchi seismological office

There is 1 person in the office.

7. The logistics department

There are 5 personnel in this department.