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In New Zealand volcano monitoring is undertaken by the GeoNet project, funded primarily by the Earthquake Commission. The GeoNet project is run by GNS Science and GNS Science is charged with the responsibility of setting "Volcanic Alert Levels" in the New Zealand area as set out in the National Civil Defence Plan. This is achieved via a series of Volcanic Alert Bulletins. GNS Science also sets the Aviation Colour Code. There is volcano research collaboration with the New Zealand universities through the Natural Hazards Research Platform.

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The Crown Research Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (GNS Science) (www.gns.cri.nz) replaced the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) in 1992 and has the responsibility to monitor the active volcanoes in New Zealand via the GeoNet Project (www.geonet.org.nz). Volcano investigations from Wairakei are frequently carried out in conjunction with staff of other Crown Research Institutes, regional councils, and universities.

GeoNet volcano monitoring includes the Kermadec Islands, Auckland Volcanic Field, Northland volcanic fields Taupo Volcanic Zone (White Island, Okataina, Maroa, Rotorua, Taupo, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu), and Taranaki. Volcano monitoring includes geological, geochemical, social science, hazard assessment and geophysical studies, which also include geothermal and ground water research.

GNS staff working on the GeoNet Project include:

Dr Nico Fournier - Head of Volcanology - Volcano geophysicist
Brad Scott - Volcanologist
Mike Rosenberg - Volcanologist
Dr Steve Sherburn - Seismologist
Dr Art Jolly - Seismologist
Dr Bruce Christenson - Gas chemist
Karen Britten - Chemistry technician
Geoff Kilgour - Volcanologist
Dr  David Johnston - Hazards researcher
Dave Keen - Electronics technician
Richard Johnson - Electronics technician
Craig Miller - Volcano geophysicist
Dr Agnes Mazot - Gas chemist
Dr Tony Hurst - Volcano geophysicist
Dr Graham Leonard - Volcanologist
Dr Natalia Deligne - Volcanic hazard and risk modeller
Adrian Harvison  - Electronics technician


Raoul Island

Crater Lakes Hydrology
Seismic Network
Lake Levelling

White Island

Seismic Network
Eruption observations
Volcano Cameras

Okataina Volcanic Centre

Seismic Network
Lake Levelling
Crater Lakes (Waimangu)
GPS Network

Rotorua Volcanic Centre

Seismic Network
Geothermal observations
GPS Network

Taupo Volcanic Centre

Seismic Network
Lake Levelling
GPS Network
Geothermal observations

Tongariro Volcanic Centre

Seismic Network
GPS Network
Volcano cameras

Taranaki Volcanic Centre

Seismic Network

Auckland Volcanic Centre

Volcano-Seismic Network


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NZ Ministry of Emergency Management and Civil Defence Volcanic Hazards Information Series:
1. Egmont Volcano
2. Okataina Volcanic Centre
3. White Island
4. The Kermadec Islands
5. Auckland
6. Mayor Island
7. Taupo Volcanic Centre
8. Ruapehu volcano

See http://www.gns.cri.nz/earthact/volcanoes/nzvolcanoes/nzvolcanoes.html