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Observatorio Vulcanologico
Universidad de Colima
Av. Gonzalo de Sandoval 444
Colima, Colima CP. 28045

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Director: Dr. Juan Jos頒am????
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Main Objectives: Monitoring and surveillance of the Volcan de Fuego de Colima (19.51 N, 103.61 W).

Contact Persons:

Dr. Dr. Juan Jos頒am???? R. Director
Dr. Vyacheslav Zobin P.- Seismologist
Dr. Mauricio Bret????.
M. Sc. Jose Hernandez - Seismologist
M. Sc. Gabriel Reyes - Seismologist/Electronics
Eng. Abel Cortes - Geologist
Eng. Rosalia Garcia - Seismologist
Eng.Carlos Navarro - Geologist
Eng. Ricardo Saucedo - Geologist
Eng. Hydyn Santiago J.
Eng. Armando Tellez A.
Eng. Eliseo Alatorre C.
Eng. Justo Orozco R.
Geog. Juan C. Gavilanes

Main Objectives : Monitoring and surveillance of the Volcan de Fuego de Colima (19.51 N. 103.61 W).


5 Telemetric seismic stations located on and around the volcano (see figure), 2 more distributed accross the Colima graben. Each station has short-period (1 sec.) vertical seismometers.

Before the end of 1992, three more stations will be added, namely one on the volcano, one on the Colima graben and one at the subduction zone. Thus the Red Sismica de Colima (RESCO) will have 10 operating stations.

Also there will be 3 portable three-components digital stations for onsite registration.

1 Blum tiltmeter (in collaboration with UNAM and the University of Savoie of France).

2 Telemetric meteorological stations (to be installed in 1992).

1 Telemetric thermometric station (Florida International University, Dr. Ch. Connor).

1 Deformation network of bench-marks (Centro Nacional de Prevencion de Desastres (CENAPRED) and Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM).

1 VHF/FM communication system.

1 Reception (via modem) every half and hour of IR and visible images from meteorological satellite GOES (in collaboration with Servicio Meteorologico Nacional).


Volcanic and tectonic seismic activity.

Ground deformation.

Thermometry at different depths of the summit.

Meteorological parameters.

Reception of digital images of IR and visible channels from GOES satellite.

Geological surveys on and around the volcano.


Elaboration of a geological map of the volcano to be used in the design of a map of volcanic hazard.

Study of volcanic debris avalanches in a joint project with Drs J.C. Komorowski and C. Siebe from Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM.

Sampling of carbonized materials for radiometric dating in pyroclastic flows and debris avalanches.

Study of historic and recent lahar deposits with J.C. Komorowski, C. Siebe and J. Manuel Espindola from Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM.

Interaction between meteoric water and the hydrothermal- magmatic system. In collaboration with Drs. J.C. Komorowski and J.M. Espindola from Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM.

Determination of the recurrent seismic regional patterns both from tectonic and volcanic origins.

Microzonification of seismic risk of the city of Colima. In collaboration with Dr. R. Meli from the Centro Nacional de Prevencion de Desastres and Eng. J. Tejeda from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Colima.

Spectral analysis of seismic volcanic events.

Software implementation for real-time RSAM analysis.