282010 - 282820
 (was 0802)
Nansei-Toko Observatory for Earthquakes and Volcanology
Faculty of Science

Kagoshima University
Korimoto 2-21-35
Kagoshima-shi 890

Telephone : (81) 992-54-7141
Telefax : (81) 992-59-4720
Contact: Dr. Toshiki Kakuta
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Scientific staff:

Dr. Toshiki Kakuta - Seismology (Director)
Dr. Kazuhiko Goto - Seismology

Other collaborators in Institute of Earth Sciences, Fac. Sci:

Dr. Minoru Tanaka - Geodesy
Dr. Tetsuo Kobayashi - Geological Volcanology
Mr. Hiroki Miyamachi - Seismology

Nansei-Toko Observatory for Earthquakes and Volcanoes (NOEV) was established in 1991 with a seismic network covering South Kyushu to investigate the volcanism especially related to regional and deep tectonic processes in a highly dipping subduction zone.

Seismic wave data from stations at Sakurajima and Kuchinoerabujima are telemetered by exclusive lines to NOEV. Some stations not telemetered are equipped with a long-term analogue recording system.

Geoelectric and geomagnetic data are also recorded digitally with a personal computer system at Sakurajima and Kagoshima City are repeatedly measured by an electro-optical distance-meter.