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Kirishima Volcano Observatory
1489 Suenaga
Miyazaki-ken 889-43

Telephone : (81) 984-33-1186
Telefax : (81) 984-33-5030
Director: Dr. T. Kagiyama
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Website : http://www.eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp/VRC/kansoku/kiri_E.html

Note: Japan Meteorological Agency operates another unattended telemetry station which has the same Japanese name as KVO.

Note: Kirishima Volcano Observatory (KVO) is one of the three observatories belonging to Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo (the other two are Asama Volc. Obs. and Oshima Volc. Obs.).


Dr Tsuneomi Kagiyama - Geophysics
Two technical staff members

KVO is aimed to monitor Kirishima Volcanoes and the adjacent Kakuto Caldera. 15 telemetered seismic stations, 2 tiltmeter stations, 16 EDM lines 4 of which belong to a permanent EDM station, about 45 km of levelling line, 4 proton magnetometers and temperature survey at 3 major thermal fields are operated.

Seismometers include VTC MTDH/V-1 and VTC TUSS as 1 second velocitygraph, PELS as 10 second displacementgraph and Takamizawa STV3001 as strong motion accelerometer. Mark L4C are also used for mobile stations. 10 permanent stations and 4 mobil stations have UHF radio link to Central Relay Station then are fiber-optically linked to KVO. 3 local stations have first several kilometers of wire line then are fiber-optically linked to KVO. KVO has its own station equipped with 1 second velocity, 10 second displacement and strong motion accelerate seismographs. The average operating sensitivity is 3000 cm/kine and 1 mm/gal. One unlinked station is operated for a strong motion seismograph. Routine data processing is mostly made on 25 channel chart records. Continuous realtime monitor and backup record are made on 6 channel smoked drum recorder and on two 14 channel analog data recorders.

Tiltmeters are pendulum type recorded on dot recorders. 2 dry tilt stations are arranged on ways of the levelling line.

The levelling and EDM lines are occupied every 5 years. 4 of EDM lines associated with active craters (Shinmoe-dake and Ohachi) are occupied monthly.

3 proton magnetometers are installed within 1 km from the summit of Shinmoe-dake Volcano, and one is at KVO for standard variation.

3 thermal fields (Shinmoe-dake, Ohachi and Iwo-yama) are surveyed yearly by IR thermometer and every 3 years by 1 m depth subsurface measurement.