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Research Institute of Earthquake and Volcano Geology
Geological Survey of Japan
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Hagashi 1-1-1, Central 7
Tsukuba 305-8567

Telephone : (81) 29 861-3912
Telefax : (81) 29 861-3526

 Yasuto Kuwahara

Email :

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GSJ staff :

Shinji Takarada - Geology This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kozo Uto - Geology
Hideo Hoshizumi - Geology
Tomoaki Sumii - Geology
Yoshihisa Kawanabe - Geology
Osamu Ishizuka - Geology
Nobuo Geshi - Geology
Hiroshi Shinohara - Geochemistry
Akira Takada - Geology
Nobuo Matsushima - Geophysics
Genji Saito - Geochemistry
Akihiko Tomiya - Geology
Eiji Saito - Geodesy
Kazuaki Watanabe - Geodesy
Naotsugu Koizumi - Geophysics
Makoto Takahashi - Geophysics
Tsutomu Sato - Geochemistry
Norio Matsumoto - Geophysics
Minoru Urai - Geophysics
Shun Nakano - Geology
Ryuta Furukawa - Geology
Yoshihiro Ishizuka - Geology
Shigeo Ookuma - Geophysics
Masao Komazawa - Geophysics
Tooru Shimizu - Geochemistry
Shigeko Togashi - Geochemistry
Shigeru Suto - Geology
Takahiro Yamamoto - Geology
Jun'ichi Itoh - Geology
Isoji Miyagi - Geology
Kohei Kazahaya - Geochemistry
Masaaki Takahashi - Geochemistry
Masaya Yasuhara - Geochemistry
Satoshi Hamazaki - Geology
Keiichi Sakaguchi - Geology
Shin'ichi Takakura - Geophysics
Yuji Nishi - Geophysics


The GSJ is a virtual organization in The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), an Independent Administrative Institution (IAI) under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of the government of Japan. There are three research institutes (Institute of Geoscience, Institute for Geo-Resources and Environments, Marine Resources and Environment Laboratory) and two research centers (Research Center for Deep Geological Environments, Active Fault Research Center) in GSJ. Multidisciplinary scientific projects are organized by tapping the pools of professionals from each institute.

Principal activities at present are as follows :

1. Basic geological investigation of the country and surrounding marine areas.

2. Evaluation of energy and mineral resources and research related to their genesis.

3. Protection of the geological environment, and mitigation of geological hazards.

4. International scientific and technical cooperation in the fields of geology and mineral resources.

5. Development of fundamental techniques for earth science study.

6. Distribution and dissemination of earth science information.


A. Study on formation process and eruption mechanism of active volcano

1. Geological study on the active volcanoes with field survey, age determination, chemical analysis to make up the geological map of volcanoes.

2. Study of magma generation, differentiation, ascent and eruption processes based on geological, petrologial, geophysical and geochemical observations.

3. Assessment of volcanic activity with ground deformation, thermal or volcanic gas monitoring, and the urgent observation at the volcanic eruptions.