28370 - 283271
(was 0803-27)
Earthquake and Volcano Observatory
Faculty of Science
Hirosaki University
Bunkyo-cho 3, Hirosaki 036

Telephone :
(81)172-39-3651 (Dr. M. Kosuga)
Telefax : (81)172-33-2524
Director: Dr. Masahiro Kosuga
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Mr. Masahiro Kosuga - Seismology
Mr. Kazotoshi Watanabe - Seismology


The observatory was founded in 1981 for the purpose of investigating Iwaki Volcano and a few volcanoes in the northern Honshu Island of Japan. Six telemetering stations are operated to monitor the volcanic activities of Iwaki. Seismological studies are also carried out by using data from twelve stations (eighteen in total), in conjunction with the staff of the Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science.

Volcanological program

- Seismic activity of Iwaki Volcano,

- Crustal deformation,

- Subsurface structure of volcanoes,

- Eruption history, hazard assessment.